A downloadable game for Windows

Samhuinn is a game created for the challenge "#devtober". Every day in October I posted a picture or a video about the game on social networks. 


It's a game about a ghost. It returnes home for only one night, at Samhuinn and you have to help it to find its love. I found my inspiration with Halloween, Samhuinn and Scotland. I like the idea deads could come back one night a year. It's a nice tradition. 


I hope you will enjoy the game ! The gameplay is very simple. You can move with arrows and move the camera with the mouse. 


There is probably bugs and flying objects. I still learning game creation with  Unity, so a lot of things could be better. You can contact me about that, I will fix the problems later. I thank you =)

Happy Halloween and see you soon for another game :)


Samhuin-Win.zip 47 MB


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I really enjoyed it!  Really liked the environment ^_^

Thank you <3

Haven't tried it yet but it look fun! Do you plan on adding cloth simulation to the ghost? Or even just a bone system with some simple animations to give it a clothy feel would really add to the game.


Thanks :)
It could be a nice idea. Actually it's not my priority and I'm not confortable with animation. But why not, because I agree with you the ghost looks like a statue ^^